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farbel's Journal

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The Image Collector
30 August
Update: In April of 2021, right after my second Moderna jab, I moved to Oaxaca de Juarez in Southern Mexico. I have completely finished with painting, and mostly take photos on my phone these days. My focus now is writing. I published a novel, Atmosphere in October 2020, and am about half way through the sequel as of October 2021. I quit Facebook over three years ago, so the link below is no longer functional. As for LJ, I post very occasionally, almost always as i. If you aren't friends with me under that identity and want to keep in touch, here, that is your best bet.
I post a lot on instagram as @atmosphere_novel and have a wordpress blog as well. Hope you are all well. See you around!

After more than a quarter century of full-time painting, I became first a painter with a really good camera, and then began to occasionally refer to myself as a photographer before finally settling on "Image Collector". I still paint, but not nearly as much for the moment. As a photographer, I have traveled extensively collecting images and doing freelance work for McGraw-Hill Books. I am currently working on a project to document as many Tucson artists in their studios as I can over the next year. You can follow along here if you are on facebook.

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