The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

I wasn't laughing at the time...

Knowing I wouldn't be able to see all I wanted to in just one day, I decided to spend the night in the campground at Chaco. I didn't pitch a tent, but instead stayed in the back of my CRV, in anticipation of the bitter cold to come. It was near or below zero, and I had to get up and start the engine four times to warn up despite two sleeping bags and four blankets. Naturally, I had to get up at the coldest part of the night and pee. Somehow, I had locked the doors, so I set off the car alarm when I opened it to get out. My alarm remote is not attached to my keys (long story), and I couldn't find it, so there I was, hopping around in socks, boxers and a t-shirt, trying to disconnect my battery (couldn't find the wrench either) or to find the remote, which I finally did. At least I didn't lock myself out!

I got up with the sun and hiked to Wijiji, a pretty ruin somewhat removed from the main complex. Then, after having been so cold all night, I drove to Santa Fe and bopped around in a t-shirt all day like it was springtime.




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