The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

boy am i going to be busy!

the last two paintings i posted here were done on round Convexo canvasses that curve back to the wall instead of having a sharp edge. i love these things! the lend themselves to my style perfectly. well, after the second one, i went back to Pearl Paint (my favorite art store since NYC) to get more. they didn't have any and didn't know if they would ever have any since their supplier had discontinued. so i went to Flax (my second favorite store since San Francisco). woohoo! they had them in their catalog. i ordered 6 of them in various sizes to the tune of $300. these things are not cheap. they were supposed to arrive a month ago. to tide me over, on the day i ordered them, i bought the rectangular one i am currently working on. well, they still aren't here. the guy there is really nice, but he keeps putting me off a few days at a time instead of just saying "i don't know". anyway, i got fed up today and went back over to Pearl just in case. on the shelf were some oval Convexos! not exactly what i wanted, but hey, still cool. i took them to the register and prepared to pay my $140, but first i asked if they had gotten any of the circular ones in. the manager took me back to the warehouse and found two boxes of four each. "$10 a box", she said. 4 $35 paintings for $10! i bought both boxes and three loose ones for $26, less that a single one cost me last time. i now have 11 beautiful white circles to festoon!

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