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Champasak is where you stay if you are doing more than a day trip to Wat Phu. I wanted to see both morning and afternoon light, so I am staying two nights here. Had planned to go over to the nearby island today, but the only bicycles available were knee killing little girl bikes, so instead I rented a motorscooter and zipped around locally. This house was built in 1952, when the French were still sucking resources out of the country.

Not sure how old this guy is, but the tree has grown around him. There are two of them between Champasak and the Wat.

Bridge, tributary, fishermen. This area is on the precipice of a boom in tourist traffic, which will change it forever. The road from Pakse is mostly paved now, and once the last leg is done to the Wat, followed by another highway south, everything will be different. I'm glad I got to see it as innocent as it still is...

Yes, a cock fight. This is one of two popular pastimes in Champasak, the other being Boules, or Petonk, or Bocce. I was on the grounds of a local temple taking pics of a family of water buffalo when this group of young guys appeared and set these two birds to fighting. They enjoyed it, I documented it.

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