The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

in which the 6 hour bus ride leaving at 8:30 becomes a 10 hour bus ride leaving at 10:30

I only collected three images yesterday, although if I had sat with my camera pointed out the window, I might have got a few more. Arrived at the bus station at 7:30 to buy my ticket on the 8:30 air conditioned bus to Pakse, only to find that it was "broken", and I would have to take the 10:30 local bus. Boxes were piled 6' high on top of the bus, leading me to worry if we would actually make it. There were also boxes stuffed into every seat of the bus, effectively eliminating legroom. We falangs joined with the locals to remove the boxes to the back of the bus where I had ensconced myself in one of the four seats with ample legroom. All of the boxes were full of Vietnamese cookies, and were very light, which alleviated my concerns about a top-heavy bus falling off a bridge. We slowly meandered down the highway, making every stop possible, negotiating the trip at an average speed of just under 40 KPH. Half way down, I bought lunch through the window. Here it is as seen resting against a Vietnamese cookie box:

It was quite delicious. In the end, the bus almost made it to our destination. We only had to take a tuk-tuk for the last ten kilometers or so... or so we thought. Seven of us were piled on to a tuk-tuk after the bus appeared to break down, but as we were (finally) eating dinner in town, another passenger walked up and said the bus had continued on, dropping her only a couple blocks from the hotel. I still don't quite understand what happened. Anyway, I'm very happy to be here, had a great dinner, a good night's sleep, my laundry is being done, and I am drinking a perfect latte. That combined with the sight and sound of my beautiful wife on Skype this morning, is all i needed to put me right.

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