The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

Vientiane, day 2

I can't imagine what it must be like to maintain the phone lines in this or any Asian country I have been to. It seems as if every line that has ever hung from the poles is still there, braided, no, dreaded with all the other lines, into a natty tangle that can't possibly be deciphered, but is an attractive nest location for many local birds.

This is one of a couple 100+ year old temples I visited with a young monk named Kit who approached me at the first one I wandered in to. A nice young man with a decent command of basic English (he teaches it to young kids) who wants to learn from me on Skype. If he follows through, maybe I'll learn some Lao too. I also took a futile trip to the bus station to buy a ticket for tomorrow, only to be told I should come back an hour before departure to buy it. I wonder what happens if the bus is full? Fortunately, I found a travel agent in town who sold me a ticket in advance. Tomorrow I go south to Tha Khaek for a day and then on to Pakse and Champasak.

I like stop signs in different languages, don't you?


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