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solar culture [May. 27th, 2001|12:05 pm]
The Image Collector
that's the name of a unique experiment, now 12.5 years old, brought to life by my friend Steven Eye. It is a warehouse, his warehouse, at 31 E. Toole in Tucson, Arizona, that he has opened up to any artist who wants to exhibit their work. there is no jury process. anyone may show, so long as they get their work in on time. Steve also produces some of the best concerts in town in the same space. it has been known as Dodajk, Datura Studios, and probably a couple of other names, but Steve has always operated this space as a haven for free expression. I was privileged to be in the very first show there, and have had at least one piece in almost every one since. If you are in Tucson, go visit, if you go to Tucson, go visit. This is a special place. Below is the piece i just hung there. click the image to see some of the other art in the show.