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The Amazon is in flood. The lodge we stayed at was 8" above the water, instead of the normal 15' above ground and 200 yards from the river. We were in very young jungle, which has been systematically forested for years. I doubt anything we saw was more than 20 years old. Still, it was very beautiful, and very alive. The first day, we visited a site where members of the Yagua tribe performed a sad, contrived looking dance for us in grass skirts and then sold us necklaces. Not the highlight of the trip. Then we went looking for the elusive pink dolphin, and actually found some. I swam near, if not with, a couple of them. Unlike their smaller grey cousins, the pink dolphins don't leap out of the water, they just come high enough to breathe, so no pictures of them. Last night we went out looking for caiman and didn't find any. Then today we went and played with a bunch of tame monkeys, which was quite entertaining. I'm not sure what kind of owl is in the first photo, but we were told that we were very lucky to see it. The kid with the rodent on his head is from the Yaguas. And, as you can see from the last image, the sky was stunning. more tomorrow.

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