The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

It's been almost 18 years now since I discovered/created my pattern and assumed it as the focus of my artistic life. I have produced several hundred paintings, a few silkscreens and block prints, and some drawings. I haven't kept very close track of sales since the first year, but I imagine the number approaches 100. A few of the paintings I feel are outstanding. Any that I didn't like, I painted over, in fact, a few critical turning points in my journey occurred when I decided Something dramatic needed to happen, usually at the expense of what I was working on at the time. I have had a few beief relationships with galleries, but I have never pursued them with any great enthusiasm, and they have returned the sentiment. I'm not sure why, I do believe that my work is sophisticated, beautiful, and occasionally bordering on masterful. I think it could, with the right representation, be a very marketable commodity. There is, after all, nothing like it around. So why do I have a "real" job (which I fortunately enjoy) instead of a successful art career? I honestly don't know. Like most artists, I am not a salesman, nor amI cut out to be one. I am also not willing to compromise my artistic integrity tosell paintings. Been there, done that, no thanks. I wont match your sofa, but my wprk will look outstanding next to it. I think it could also hang very comfortably in any contemporary museum or gallery. As I said, I like my "real" job, but I would much rather be a full time painter. I suppose I could quit work and scrape by on painting sales, but I have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. I spent a good twelve years doing the Bohemian artist thing. It was a good life, but I don't want to end up on SSI and Medicare when my body starts falling apart, so I work. It's not that I don't have confidence in myself or my art, but I recognize that most good, productive artists are not rewardedin our country. On August 30, 2008, which will be my 50th birthday, I will quit work and live at whatever financial level I have acheived by that time. If I'm really lucky, that will give me 50 years of full time painting. Of course a lot could happen before then, I could get married (not likely), have children (less likely), or I could die. I think those are the only things that could change my plans, but you know how life is, box of chocolates and all that. More later. Many farbels all!

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