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I'm sure I'm not unique in this, but I love looking out through old windows. When I see an abandoned house, my instinct is to go inside and look out, to see the view that the previous inhabitants saw. With photography, a window or opening has the added quality of providing a frame for the image as well as enhancing the feel of depth and dimension. So I take a lot of images like the ones above and below. They are all from my second day in Jordan, when I toured the "castles" in the eastern desert, towards Iraq. None were actually castles, forts and baths, really, but for some reason the tours describe them as such.

The first photo is from Qasr Al Kharaneh, an 8th century Hmmayad fort.

This one is from Qasr Al Asraq, originally built by the Romans and later rebuilt by the Arabs during the Crusades and used by Lawrence of Arabia.

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And finally, a look through the painstakingly reconstructed arches of the Umayyad Palace of Hallabat, still under restoration by the Spanish Department of Antiquities.

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