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yesterday morning i took a side trip north of Jerash to Ajloun, where an impressive medeival castle/fort sits atop a hill overlooking the jordan valley and, on a clear day (which this wasn't), the west bank. as you go north from Jerash, you see more and more olive groves and other agriculture. Ajloun is in the pines. I imagine in the spring it is wonderfully green. Unfortunately, like the desert southwest of the US, they are suffering from long term drought. they may only have 10-15 years left before the water literally runs out.

After returning to Amman, i discovered that there had been some unrest after the recent election and someone had been shot in an outlying district of Jerash. the authorities are considering shutting the site down. good timing on my part, i guess. Before anyone panics about my safety, i was nowhere near where it happened, and i have been much closer to two shootings. once in the lobby of my apartment building in brooklyn, and once in the alley behind my house in phoenix.

i'm wadi musa now, at the entrance to petra. I'll be here for the next three days.


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