The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

Jerash and the decapolis ruins.

About an hour north of Amman, in the semi-forested hills, is the town of Jerash. The ruins of the Roman city there are among the best preserved in the world, thanks to climate and air quality. I spent two days wandering through the temples and churches, with a couple side trips into town to eat and use the internet. I ate twice at a small restaurant right in the center of town owned by Adel, who lived in Brooklyn at the same time i did, and knows my hometown of Montclair as well! The food in his place was wonderful and cheap. I will be recommending him to the lonely Planet. Today i hired a car off the street to take me to Ajlun to see the mideval castle there overlooking the Jordan Valley and the West Bank. It was a bit hazy for the views, but the castle was by far the best preserved and largest I have seen yet. Then I came back to Amman, which is why you get these two pics from Jerash: (click to enlarge)


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