The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
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bath house in the desert

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this was the second of the desert "castles" i visited today. the soldier guarding it liked me a bit too much. inside were stunning but damaged frescoes. the desert here is bleak. black rock and the occasional half dead shrub. there was a lake once, but amman sucked it dry. it reminds me of southern Nevada. i saw five ruins today. the first was an 8th century fort in very good condition. this was the second. then we visited an old roman fort an hour from saudi arabia and about 4 hours from iraq. most impressive there were the stone slab rafters holding up the second floor. then a brief stop at a small mosque under heavy reconstruction by a spanish group, and lastly a large bath complex partly restored by the same group. they have done a beautiful job on some stone arches, and the existing mosaic floors were stunning.

met a young jordanian woman from australia at the cafe this afternoon. she is here interviewing men who are in prison for committing honor killings. i can only imagine. she has promised to show me around amman right before i leave, so i will have a chance to ask her more then.

heading to jerash and the roman city there tomorrow.

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