The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

woke up early to the adhan, or call to prayer. My plane arrived at 8 PM last night (11AM Tucson time) and I waited an hour and a half for my ride. I finally took a taxi to the hotel, only to find that my driver had supposedly been looking for me. I have my doubts. The waiting area at Queen Alia International Airport is pretty small. Went to bed, read for a while and slept til about 4, I guess. I should be on normal rhythms fairly soon.

Read some more this morning and then did one of my favorite things on my first day anywhere, went up on the roof and took pictures of the streets. I'm going to walk around downtown today, getting a feel for the city. Right now I'd really like some coffee!

there are caged birdies chirping in the lobby.

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