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[Nov. 16th, 2000|03:38 pm]
The Image Collector
some quotes from an interview with Frank Stella that was on NPR today:

"The term "installation" is an excuse for something that can't be resolved"

"I just wanted to make paintings that I liked. I didn't care if smart people liked them."

"If you communicate a lack of confidence, you might as well be dead."

"I've had a few dreams about painting, but they're mostly nightmares."

From: (Anonymous)
2000-11-18 07:54 pm (UTC)
"If you communicate a lack of confidence, you might as well be dead."

Have been thinking about this lately. Wondering where it comes from this confidence. Is it artificial or based on skill, intellect, etc...

I find that I'm confident in nothingness. If I try to base it on something, I will fail and lose it. Always someone smarter, better looking, more clever and all the rest of it.

Noticed at forums like Anas that confident ppl post most often, and it becomes a collection of confident ppl. There are so many lurkers methinks.
They are nervous they may slip up and look dumb, or not express their idea clearly.

Anyway great site and your work is awesome and unique. I lived in Phoneix for a short period and noticed a lot of western style painting going on. It's traditional but nice.
But your work surely deviates from that style. Funny how dashes of paint can convey a sense of light.
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[User Picture]From: farbel
2000-11-23 07:09 pm (UTC)


hey dadnerd! didn't know you had a livejournal! sorry i didn't respond sooner, but i forgot to change the notification email when i changed isps. glad you liked the site, and yes, there are a lot of western painters here. even a couple of good ones. :) i like representational art, but it is not what the little artist inside my head wants to paint, so i do what comes naturally. it's nice to get appreciation for what comes out.
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From: (Anonymous)
2000-11-23 08:07 pm (UTC)

Live Journal

Hello Farbel.

When I first saw Ana on TV, I came to her site, and ended up at the LJ. Thought I needed an account to post, can't remember now. But I never posted anything on my own LJ.

I loved the short time I spent in Phoenix. It was the winter of 80/81 perfect weather, great scenery etc...
Somehow I'm drawn to the desert, I like the stark, no nonsense existence I reckon. Back then the pollution was not as bad as now, and life was probably a little slower. The summers however are only for the most hearty, wow. Stayed there once in July, overnight and it got down to 90 degrees! Woke up at 3 am and told the wife lets get outta here! We were heading west to Cali, and the water in our car for drinking was so hot I could hardly drink it. Great memories hehe

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