August 2nd, 2014


This week's writing assignment.

This week, we were given paint samples and had to write something using all of the names of the colors. Mine is a bit of a vignette. The colors are in italics.

Mathilde and Clarence were doing an approximation of the Hokey Pokey over by the coffee urns. The sound of sirens two blocks over on Orchard Street synced oddly with their musicless dance. Just smile, I thought, and I made my way over to the table at which Stone Brown, our newest resident, had spread his massive breakfast. He glowered at my approach, and crammed a fudge bar into his cavernous mouth. His triple-extra large t-shirt featured a faded image of one of the Spice Girls, was it Pepper Spice? I could never remember all of their names. I sat across from him, trying to ignore the melted chocolate that threatened to drip from his chin on to the Spice Girl. “Good morning, Mr. Brown! Welcome to St. Germaines!”