July 5th, 2014


The Color Red

Joined a writing group. This was my first "assignment". Not thrilled with it, but it was an interesting exercise.

We see red when we are angry, yet we send red hearts when we are in love. Red is the color of Communism, and also the color of the Republican Party. Red is war and violence, and the Red Cross takes care of the victims Red means stop, red means yield, and the red line on your speedometer is full speed ahead. When you are red hot at the craps tables, you are winning. When you lose, you are in the red. Red indicates danger, and men are attracted to women wearing it. A red letter day is a good thing, a scarlet letter, not so much. Red cars are perceived as faster, red tape slows you down. Red is worn by Cardinals in the Catholic Church and by prostitutes in the Red Light District. Red is the color of Santa Claus and of Satan. Red chile peppers are hot, red cherries and apples are sweet. You wouldn't lay out the red carpet for someone you just caught red handed. Red lipstick attracts, a red herring distracts. Fast food restaurants use red in their logos because it stimulates the appetite, and poison warnings are printed in red. Shoes are Fuck Me Red, cars are Arrest Me Red, and barns are just plain Barn Red.