December 13th, 2012


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Tuesday, I drove north out of Gallup to Chaco Canyon, World Heritage site and one of the most significant pre-Columbian sites in North America. Its buildings were the largest in The United States until the 19th Century.


Thanks to the bitter cold, I had the entire park almost to myself. The only drawback was that I had to keep moving. I would like to have sat and contemplated history and progress and the loss of civilizations, but I had to keep moving.


I hiked to the top of the mesa where the previous view was shot of New Alto ruin, as well as the aerial photo of Kin Kletso ruin. I explored in and around all the ruins on the main loop, finding, to my delight, many opportunities to take pictures through openings, which I love to do.



this next image is of the ends of two ancient beams set in the stone of Pueblo Del Arroyo ruin.


And, lastly, a petroglyph located between Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Ketl.