November 23rd, 2011


Wat Phu, not to be confused with Wat the Phu...

Ancient Khmer architecture is just yummy. I have been in love with it since my trip to Angkor in 2005. Wat Phu, Cambodia's World Heritage site is small, and frustrating because parts are closed for restoration, but it is in an exquisite location on the side of a hill in the jungle, and the carvings were everything I remember from Angkor. My next trip to S.E. Asia must be to Thailand or Myanmar/Burma to see more.

I waited a long time for the above shot, as everyone took pictures of each other posing in front of the shrine making peace signs or pretending to pray. It was worth the wait.

A detail from one of the gorgeous lintels.

The afternoon light was beautiful, so i snuck around to where I technically wasn't supposed to be to get this one. Going back in the morning for different light.