December 8th, 2010


What is unusual about this scene?

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Everyone seems to ask, "So, how was the food?" My answer is "Meh, OK". This is not to say the food was bad, just uninteresting at my budget level. The "continental breakfast" at most of my hotels consisted of one hardboiled egg, one wedge of foil wrapped dutch cheese, one pita cut into quarters, butter and jam. With Nescafe on the side, yuk. I was usually able to get a cup of very strong Turkish coffee laced with cardamom for a bit extra. I had some good falafel at a street restaurant where the king sometimes eats, a decent buffet in Petra for lunch, and a couple OK dinners at my favorite coffeshop, but one thing that was missing was vegetables, except at the buffet. I usually ordered tabouleh just to get some green.

Jordan is extraordinarily dry, but they do grow some produce. Most of what you see in this market is likely grown in Jordan. Tomatoes, onions, squash, bananas, some apples, lots of herbs, but not nearly the variety we enjoy here, and nothing like the cornucopia of Central America and Mexico. One note: although the availability is there, Central American restaurants don't serve vegetables either.

The unusual thing about this photo? There is only one woman in it.