November 19th, 2010


Wadi Rum

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"We are ready for the slaughter of sheep in the head equipped with visitors, and the way you want."

That's from the brochure of the Camp I stayed at last night. We actually had chicken and vegetables in a delicious stew, and by "we", I mean me and my two guides, because I landed here on a day when nobody else had reservations in this camp. It was a bit awkward, as neither of the 20 year old guys spoke more than a few words of English, but I did learn the Arabic word for butterfly; "farousha".

Wadi rum is a geologic wonder on a massive scale, at the same time reminiscent of northern Arizona, southern Nevada, and Southern Utah, but not like any of them. I am convinced that Roger Dean came here and was inspired to create the magical landscapes of his Yes album covers by these rocks. Melted sandstone comes to mind.

After a rather silly camel ride (one hour around Rum village), I took a six our jeep tour with multiple stops to hike to a spring and mini-oasis, or climb a giant sand dune, or wonder at Nebatean petroglyphs and inscriptions in cliff faces and small siqs. The size of this place is so monumental that i constantly wished for an ultra wide angle lens or even a fisheye. There is simply no way to do justice to it with a camera.

Now I am in Aqaba staying in a rather posh room since the town is full due to Eid, the festival after Ramadan. I have had a much needed shower and am heading to lunch and the beach.


Allah's Witnesses

In Jordanian hotels, they don't have a bible in the drawer, they have a sticker telling you which way Mecca is.