The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

"Have you ever thought of doing something different with your art?"

short answer #1: yes

short answer #2: no

long answer #1: there are infinite possibilities within the framework of the pattern. i'm not out of ideas. why should i change now?

wiseass answer #1: have you ever thought of making your own art?

long answer #2: i do something different every time i paint. the only reason it seems the same is that you aren't looking deeply enough.

long answer #3: i draw, i doodle, i occasionally paint without the pattern, i make prints, i create impromptu sculptures in nature, i write, i take photographs...

short answer #3: why?

long answer #4: in this pattern, i have created something which is completely mine, 100% original, never done before. most people never have the good fortune to do that. the chances of it happening twice in one lifetime are miniscule, but i haven't stopped looking. if i get that lucky, maybe i'll change the way i paint.

wiseass answer #3: good art doesn't match your sofa. if that's what you want, go to your local frame shop "gallery".

short answer #4: when i'm finished with this idea, i'll move on.

to be continued...

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