The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

From The Point Of View Of An Inanimate Object

I still remember when I first saw the light. We were all cozily nestled together, heads down and butts up, not saying anything to each other, just comfortable in our identical nature and secure space. Then we were lifted and jostled about briefly. Then we were slammed suddenly and violently against something, slamming our butts into the ceiling. I heard a tearing sound from above, and suddenly light filtered down between my brothers and I saw them for the first time. White, slender, and perfect. We were upended again and percussively banged against something large and pink. I felt myself sliding against my brothers, little by little, until I could feel a breeze against my butt. Then the pink thing grabbed me by the butt and yanked me out into the open air. It was overwhelming, so much sensory input all at once, as I rose into the sky, a giant apparition of pink and brown silhouetted against bright blue, with all sorts of sounds and smells. Then, as suddenly as I had been removed, I was pushed back into my home, but upside down? I couldn't see or hear my brothers any more. The loneliness was devastating. I wanted to share my fantastic, if brief, adventure with them, but my head was jammed in between their butts. Little did I know the horror I was to experience over the next several hours. When the first of my brothers was pulled out from his space alongside me, I was overjoyed. Finally I would have someone to talk to. Instead of turning him over and putting him down, however, The pink thing lifted him up to a giant red hole ringed with sharp white things and lit him on fire! I had to watch in horror as my brother was burned alive, his screams filling the air. I watched this happen 18 more times, as one by one, my brothers were burned and consumed by the giant pink apparition. Some might have called me the lucky one, to have survived so long, but when I was finally the only one left, I was eager for the oblivion of fire and smoke.

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