The Image Collector (farbel) wrote,
The Image Collector

Exercise. Dialogue, no descriptors.

“OK, I'll be the Jedi, and you can be the Storm Trooper.”
“How come you always get to be the Jedi? The Jedi always wins. I want to be the Jedi this time!”
“Too bad. They're my light sabers, so I get to decide. If you don't want to play, you can go home.”
“Fine. Bye.”
“Wait, don't you want to play? C'mon, I'll let you be Darth Vader.”
“No thanks. Darth Vader dies in the end. I'm going to go read a book.”
“Read a book? Nobody reads books. What a sissy! Nerd!”
“Who are you calling a sissy? Jerk!”
“OW!! That hurts! Stop!”
“Take it back!”
“I said take it back, or I'll break your stupid light saber.”
“OK, you asked for it.”
“Wait! No! Please! I'll let you be the Jedi, just don't break it!”
“I don't want to play with you any more. I'm going home.”
“Boys? Anyone want s'mores?”
“Yes, please!”
“Last one down's a rotten egg!”

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